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5 Ways to Boost Caregiver Retention

Building a staff of quality caregivers is central to the success of your agency. Your caregivers are the front line of your business. They are the ones that are taking care of your clients, and as such they are the face of your agency. However, staffing a roster of quality caregivers isn’t as easy as one might expect. According to the 2014 Private Duty Benchmarking Study by Home Care Pulse, the median caregiver turnover rate for an agency is 53.2%. That means in the course of the year over half of an agency’s caregivers will either quit or be fired. With such high turnover, it is doubly important to not only develop quality caregivers, but have systems in place to retain those quality caregivers. Here are 5 suggestions on how to build a solid staff of quality caregivers.

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