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Rosemark will improve your agency's efficiency by organizing all your home care management tools in one system. Our software is the most comprehensive and versatile on the market. Oh yeah, did we mention that expert training and support is included? Get to know Rosemark »

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Home Care Software Customer Service: Who Cares?

Why does customer service matter when it comes to buying software? Let's face it: we're used to buying software without much thought to the company behind it. That's fine for incidental apps and utilities, but the specialized, business-critical software calls for a bit more attention. As you know, running a home care agency is a complex, multi-faceted thing, and the software and processes involved need knowledgeable, helpful support. Unless you are big enough to have your own IT department, that support needs to come from your provider.

Too many homecare agency owners and operators will sign a contract with a software provider without having properly considered the customer care scenario they’ve stepped into. How loud do you have to ring the bell to get help from your home care management software provider?

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